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Variety, the Spice of Life...or is it?!

So there we were for months in Lockdown twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the day when the boredom would subside...We were all so used to choices - where we could go, when we could go there and who we could go with! Generally, we don't like to have these choices taken from us. Understandably, we go a bit stir crazy when faced with 4 walls for any length of time - after all that's seen as a punishment in our society isn't it?

I remember reading that horses use enforced separation from the herd to bring a rogue youngster into line. Therefore you can see why the emotional distress from being kept apart from family and friends built up so quickly....

Anyway, as the months went past, interestingly we all slowly adapted and began to make the most of where we were. Somehow, we found that actually we still did have choices, just much simpler ones, like did we turn left or right out of our door to go for a walk! Who knew what was just around your corner and that being outside yomping through muddy fields or making time to look, really look, at the centre of your city or village could be so stimulating? My family know that I always avoid taking picnics when we are out if I can. How strange that sitting on damp grass in the middle of nowhere with a cling filmed cheese wrap and a flask of soup is now one of my top highlights of these days!

Perhaps looking back we will wish we had made bigger choices in varying our routine; learned a language or written a book maybe....but hopefully the choices you made, however small they may have seemed, will have improved your quality of life, given you focus and some space to just 'be present' ....3 of the most important benefits from our Yoga practice!

This week at our Charity Pop Up we've gone for variety in our practice. So far we've had a Wall Yoga class, a meditative walk through a Spice market at Yoga Nidra and a bit of a workshop for this exotic pose, Camel!

As my old mum, (your mum being the first Guru in most of our lives!) used to say, "Change is as good as a rest". It stops us from getting in a rut. In any relationship it's great to feel comfortable together, even to the point of finishing each others' sentence and knowing what comes next (though this can get a tiddly bit irritating!). Covid times have given opportunities to enjoy these settled routines and given a sense of security to the disruption in our lives. However, even the strongest of relationships can become dull and stale. The one between you and your best friend, the Yoga mat is no exception! If we've learned nothing in Lockdown, we've hopefully found that small changes make a big difference. Changes to our attitudes as well as our behaviour. There are always choices if you look for them and looking for variety doesn't necessarily mean we have to fly to foreign lands to spice things up!


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