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Terms & Conditions

1. Contract

A binding contract between us and you is only formed when we issue our booking confirmation to you by email which we will do after receiving payment from you in cleared funds, of the full price of your course.

If this is a group booking, by making the booking you accept that you have the authority to bind all members of your party to these terms and conditions and you take responsibility as the lead name on the booking to make payment and to receive documentation on behalf of your party.

If you have not received your confirmation email or invoice within 7 days of making the booking please contact us. It is very important that you check your booking confirmation when you receive it in order to ensure it is correct.

2. Payments and Deposit

Payment is made through the website via Paypal or a payment card. The booking will be valid and confirmed only upon our receipt of cleared funds and your return of our in-house generated booking confirmation. We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion and we will refund any deposit or payment made.

3. Price

All prices published in any marketing material or on our website are for guidance only. We reserve the right to alter or correct errors in any quoted or published prices at any time prior to the booking being confirmed.

4. Changes and Cancellations by you


If, after the booking confirmation, you wish to make changes to your booking we will try our best to do this but cannot promise that it will be possible. Any request for changes must be made in writing by the person who made the booking.

No right to a refund  arises from your decision on choosing or being unable to take part in the Yoga classes.


If, after you have received the booking confirmation, you wish to cancel your course we will require your authority in writing and this must be at least 72 hours before the start of the course. 

5. Cancellations by Us

We try never to cancel a confirmed booking but reserve the right to do so in any circumstance, up to and including the date and time of the commencement of the course. In this event we will inform you as soon as practical and you will have the choice accepting an alternative course date of comparable standard from us, if available (with pro-rata refund/price increases as appropriate) or of either a full refund of all monies paid to us. 

6. Changes by Us

If there is any change we are not obliged to inform you in advance (but we will do so where practicable) nor are we obliged to pay you compensation.

7. Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss, injury, death, inconvenience or damage as a result of circumstances amounting to ‘force majeure’. In these terms and conditions ‘force majeure’ means any event or circumstances which we or the supplier of the services in question could not foresee or avoid. Such events and circumstances may include, actual or threatened, war, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil action, decisions by governments or governing authority, technical or maintenance problems with transport, changes of schedules or operational decisions of air carriers, terrorist activity or the threat thereof, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, epidemics/pandemics or the threat thereof, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.

8. Acceptance with Authority

We will do our best to resolve problems to the benefit of you and the rest of our clients as a whole. You must refrain from any conduct which may give offence or cause danger or damage to any person or property. If we or any of our partners believe that you are in breach of this obligation, likely to breach it, or is otherwise unfit to take part in the activity, we or our partners may at our absolute discretion refuse the booking. We will owe you no liability in such circumstances and you will be solely responsible for any costs incurred.

9. Personal Health

Except as disclosed in writing to us in the Personal Information Form, you confirm that you are in good mental and physical health and are unaware of any reason why you may be particularly unsuited to taking part in the activity agreed upon or may be likely to suffer illness or injury during the activity.

Failure to disclose any information that is required in the Personal Information Form may result in us terminating the contract and withdrawing you from the activity on the grounds of incorrect information. You will not be entitled to any refund of payments made if the contract is terminated in this way.

10. Conditions of Service

The contract is made subject to these terms and conditions, which are governed by the laws of England and Wales. The Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any matters arising out of this Agreement.

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