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Walls and Windmills!

For the 4th and last week of our April Charity Pop Up I've decided on the theme of 'Forces of Nature'. I am by no reckoning a Philosopher and I bow at the feet of ancient Gurus and Masters of Yoga, so I therefore like to find a modern take on the story and thoughts behind the classes. This isn't easy by the way - those Ancients had it all tied up and wrapped in a big ribbon as far as theming Yoga practices went! So I hedged my bets and worked our first class this morning around this (ancient!) Chinese Proverb...

Given the choice, which would you do? This choice may change from day to day, minute to minute even, very much depending on your own emotive energy and how strong or flexible you feel both physically and mentally. I gave everyone the option to choose how they practiced this morning - a shock in itself, this change of having to think at 7.30am, when they possibly expected to be gently guided into the start of the week! Sometimes the voice of intuitive reason shouts at us and sometimes we pointedly ignore it and carry on regardless. I'm sure there were several who found themselves choosing the wrong path this Monday morning, perhaps regretting the dynamic energetic choice of pose or finding the stillness and holding far too hard first thing, as their minds raced ahead!

The wind, as a Force of Nature, can be incredibly destructive, either working with its own power, or with other forces, like the oceans, to cause havoc. It can change direction and strength at any moment. However, if harnessed it can be a great source of positive energy. We only need to know when to act with it and when to let it blow through, there is no use in trying to act against it. Much like when the wind of change blows in our lives....

Like sailors, who rely on the wind, we need to learn to watch for these changes. The choice is ours to listen and build a strong wall to hold us safe, or build that windmill and use the change to power us. Neither one is wrong at the right time. Perhaps making the wrong choice at the wrong time will teach us lessons to listen a bit more for that Inner voice and learn to react with it , not against it, before we jump head first into an Asana in an early morning Yoga class or into the week ahead....

Namaste X

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