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A Funny Thing Happened...!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

So, today saw us starting week 3 of our Early Bird in April Charity Pop Up and I meant to begin here with our new theme, but then this happened (watch closely!)....

Some unexpected participants and lots of giggling resulted! 4 Llamas walking behind you as you try to cue Janu Sirsasana is difficult to recover from and the class have high expectations for tomorrow morning's entertainment now! Anyway Thelma, Louise ( yes really!) and the two others, all of whom belong to a neighbour half a mile away, have all been rounded up.

Actually though, this does bring me to our new weekly theme, Recipes for Yoga! Sometimes you can have all the ingredients and still the outcome is not what you thought it would be....After this bizarre disturbance in our train of thought we carried on with focussing on our Khumbaka/the Pot or our pelvic bowl, stirring it, tipping it and tilting it, but the serious moments of experiential work seemed to have wandered off with the errant Llamas! Our Monday morning class starting at 7.30am is short, 30 minutes long, which is great most of the time, especially for those going off to work. However, having put lots of thought into this and designed my stickmen, set my alarm, chosen my leggings for the day, got myself on the mat and centred all of us with some lovely Pranayama, it took only a group of four-legged nomadic Camelids (yes, the same family!) to disturb the equilibrium and all that preparation went out the window. It is hard sometimes (though not today!) not to react negatively when things don't go as planned.You might spend lots of time on arrangements and then they are 're-arranged' for you, not necessarily the way you want them to be. The recipe seems to have failed, but Yoga is here to help us manage this through learning to stop and breathe and, going back to last week, to find our Sthira/Sukha balance.

The Mont Blanc Yogis may not remember what I said or what we did, but they will always remember the 'Llama Drama', as today's class has been renamed! And really the desired result on my part was that everyone began their week feeling positive and engaged.... who couldn't be when that long hairy face appeared at the window behind me?!

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"Llama Drama" class was just what I needed last week because your post to Donna Fahri's FB page about it introduced me to Mont Blanc Yoga. So glad to know you! Despite interruption to your class plans, which I know are well thought out, this was "one for the books" in yoga happenings. I I watched your windmill/wall class and appreciate the levels of variation you offer: tummy/back/sides...good work for the core all the way around. Looking forward to May classes, Issi, and thank you for sending lots of helpful information. My best to you from SW Virginia!



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